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Samantha Pickford: Administrative Assistant, Parent Forums (Kids First/Adults First/Talk Autism)
Usual working days (subject to variation): Mondays & Fridays
Email: kf.admin@mertonmencap.org.uk
Direct: 020 3963 0597

Tracy Blackwell: Stream Leader, Parent Forums (Kids First/Adults First/Talk Autism)
Usual working days (subject to variation): Mondays, Tuesdays & Thursdays
Email: kids.first@mertonmencap.org.uk
Direct: 020 3963 0598

New members wanted

Kids First is always looking for new members, as we know there are many more parents who might benefit from membership. You can get a wealth of information and advice, support from other parents, access to many workshops and events, and a twice-yearly newsletter, crammed full of tips and useful information. New parents only need to fill out a simple registration form. It's free. Just contact Kids First for details or fill out a registration form.


Merton Mencap would like to thank Merton Council for their funding of this service. Merton Council’s support and encouragement for this service, and for the work of Merton Mencap, is greatly appreciated.

Kids First Parents' Forum

Welcome to the Kids First Parents’ Forum

Kids First is a forum for parents and carers of children or young people who:

Kids First’s strengths are:

We support parents and carers of children and young people with all disabilities and special needs, including mild to severe learning disabilities, complex medical needs, physical or sensory impairments, autistic spectrum disorders and others.

Find out about our free membership or join now by downloading our registration form and emailing or posting it back to us or. Download our registration form in Word or download our registration form as a pdf.

Find out about our forthcoming events, which include workshops and meetings with local service providers.

Find out how you could join our steering group or become a Kids First representative.

Get our free publications and newsletters.

For any enquiry, contact us.

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The Kids First Parents' Forum was officially launched in January 2004 and we now have over 400 members.
In 2006, we gave written and oral evidence to the House of Commons Select Committee for Education and Skills on the subject of Special Educational Needs. Each year, over 100 people attend one or more of our events.